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Generation MLM

The MLM Generation Plan is purely products selling, motivational MLM business plan. This Generation Plan best suited for the company
who manufacturer of consumable products and want to sale their products directly to the end users.

The MLM Generation Plan is a concept which is based on profit sharing MLM business. The manufacturer share advertising expenses direct to their distributors. When a distributor sale a product the volume to be distributed towards up-lines, that is the reason it’s called a Generation Plan in MLM Industry.

How it works?

Generation plans are hard to understand and explain, especially for the newcomer because of it different attributes. They function similar to unilevel pay plans, except instead of levels, you are paid on generations. A generation is all volume from you down to the next person in your downline who is the same or
higher rank. The next generations are all volume from that person down to the next person your rank or higher, and so on.

A generation is a whole volume from upline to downline (this includes people with the same and different ranks). The technical working principle of this MLM Plan can be described using the following example:

Assume 16 levels, consisting of only 4 generations. The amount you can get will be more in the case of the first generation, and will be getting reduced for the following generations respectively. Let’s make it clearer; if you pay 10% of your very first generation, it will only be 6% on the second,
4% on the third generation, and 2% on the fourth.

Features of Generation MLM


MLM Generation Plan software is a web based application for Companies. This software systemizes all the activities that are being carried out by the MLM companies. As a whole this is efficient for all organization those run Multi-Level Marketing concept.


MLM Generation Plan software helps in keeping track of the commission earned and makes report management easy. It is one of the simplest software dealing with MLM commission transactions.


MLM Generation Plan software is equipped with full data security and features which speed up your work and reduce your operational time which directly helps you in concentrating on your marketing and customer management activities.


Our software uses automation there by reducing manual work, time and Human power. Maintenance of software is easy, and resource consumed by the use of the software is less so which makes this software cost effective.

Benefits of Generation MLM

Easy Success: If you are looking forward to attain huge and easy success, then you should implement generation plan.

Saves Advertising Money: Your members who are in-line become your attributes for marketing, thus relieving you from loads of financial burden.

Easily Understood: While implementing, this plan is very easy to explain. Also, new joiners can understand the entire working of the plan easily.

Other forms of Income: Royalty, bonuses, rewards, etc., can be integrated at any level or frontline.

Easy Earning: The manufacturer of the direct selling company distributes the profit in the whole network. The ratio is such that the entire network can enjoy the benefits.