Unilevel MLM System

Unilevel MLM System

Unilevel MLM is one of the most effortless and simple concepts in MLM industry. It is very simple to convey unilevel Plan as compared to others. In Uni level plan one can sponsor as many distributors as they like, and they need to place all of them on their frontline.

It is one of the best plans in MLM Software. Here everyone is paid the same commission rates. When compared to other plans, the depth is limited but still one can build as wide as they want. The important feature of a unilevel compensation plan is the payment of a level commission to all qualifying distributors.

Unilevel MLM plan is the easiest of the MLM plan to understand. In this plan, each of the distributors can sponsor as distributors as he/she may like and all these distributors will be on his/her frontline. This is similar to a Forced matrix compensation plan with a main difference being, that in Forced Matrix plan, each distributor can only sponsor a certain number of distributors as his frontline. All the additional distributors will be placed further down under other distributors.

How it works?

This plan offers an unlimited width plan, permitting one sponsor to own several distributors on a single line. It is usually no spill-over as everyone sponsored by you is on your front line. It’s easier for a sponsor to build a longer network by recruiting unlimited members. MLM organizations can efficiently to use the Uni-level MLM plan.

The Unilevel MLM plan supports people in sponsoring till the Nth level. The first level members can add members to the downline and earn an unlimited bonus.

This particular MLM plan helps to make use of one’s network for a high earning possibility and thereby becoming beneficial.

There won’t be a spill over process like the matrix plan as the width offered is enormous. The plan comes with a crystal clear concept and one can build a huge network and with the help of each member’s contribution the network is just like an infinite loop.

Types of Commissions in Unilevel Plan


The entire member that is referred by you directly you will get paid. This gives you more benefits because you can refer unlimited number of member in your down line. Our MLM software helps in organizing the bonus structure perfectly. These options add priceless value for this system.


A type of Commission gained from the sales achieved by the down level distributors. Unilevel Plan has unlimited direct downlines in the first level, and each downline members can have unlimited downlines under them. This Unilevel Plan makes unlimited commissions from sales by the members till Nth level.


Some Unilevel Compensation plan companies introduce “Fast Start Bonuses” as the starter benefits to newly joined distributors. The Fast start Bonuses will be given to the distributors when they have achieved the target within a particular period. The Fast Start bonus calculation criteria may vary from company-to-company.


“Rank advancement bonuses” are also a common compensation in most of the Unilevel MLM Program. This bonus is paid to existing members when they turn eligible to the higher level or rank. This achievement will be a one-time bonus. Some Unilevel Marketing Plan companies have rank maintenance criteria.


The top ranked people of Unilevel MLM Compensation plans are eligible for additional benefits. To maintain the high leadership morale, most of the MLM companies will provide the leadership pool bonuses to the top-level leaders. The leadership pool will be a certain percentage of the yearly or quarterly sales.


Coded Bonus is a motivational bonus in the MLM companies. This the additional or add-on bonuses where the distributors will earn the bonuses based on the coded relation between the distributors. The codes relationship is identified based on different rules. These rules are different from one company-to-another.

Features of Uni level MLM Plan

  • It is very easy to explain a new member from the MLM field.
  • Compensation level specified by the company.
  • Easy integration of rewards and incentives.
  • Online payment system integration.
  • Unlimited Width
  • Setup earning percentages on all levels
  • Unlimited user management
  • Unlimited memberships
  • Responsive admin panel
  • Dashboard statistics
  • Automated payment processing
  • Private messaging system

Benefits of Unilevel MLM plan

  • Because of its simple and complex-free structure, most of the MLM companies nowadays use Unilevel compensation plan as their basic plan.
  • It’s very easy to apply, so always stands as the best MLM plan for any class of MLM Organization.
  • The main advantage of unilevel plan is that, as there is no limit on the number of distributors one can sponsor, so more is the commission.
  • Everyone is treated as same level and paid the same commission rates, rather than advancing and breaking away.
  • Limitation in depth encourages distributors to build wide.
  • Integration of reward bonuses at any level and customization of compensation level easy.