A cryptocurrency-based MNC MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company is a business model that combines elements of both network marketing and cryptocurrencies. In this type of company, individuals can become members or affiliates and earn income through two primary channels: selling cryptocurrency-related products or services and recruiting others to join the MLM network. Here’s a breakdown of how it works

  1. Product or Service Offerings: Cryptocurrency MLM companies typically offer a range of products or services related to cryptocurrencies. These offerings can vary widely and may include cryptocurrency trading platforms, mining hardware or software, educational resources on blockchain technology, digital wallets, or even tokenized products and services.
  2. Affiliate Membership: Individuals interested in participating in the MLM program can become affiliates by purchasing a membership or starter kit. This membership often includes access to the company’s products, services, and marketing materials.
  3. Compensation Structure: The core of an MLM program is its compensation structure, which is designed to reward affiliates for both selling products/services and recruiting new members into the network. This compensation plan usually consists of various income streams, such as:
    1. Direct Sales Commission: Affiliates earn a commission on the direct sales they make to customers.
    1. Recruitment Commission: Affiliates receive a bonus or commission for recruiting new members into the MLM network. These bonuses may be tied to the purchases made by their recruits.
    1. Residual Income: MLM companies often offer residual income, where affiliates earn a percentage of the sales made by their downline or the people they’ve recruited. The depth and structure of these downline commissions can vary.
    1. Rank Advancements: Many MLMs have a rank-based system that rewards affiliates for achieving higher ranks within the organization. Higher ranks often come with increased earning potential.
  4. Cryptocurrency Integration: Instead of traditional fiat currencies, these MLMs typically use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and sometimes even as a product themselves. Affiliates may receive their commissions and bonuses in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or the company’s proprietary tokens.
  5. Recruitment and Network Building: Success in cryptocurrency MLMs is often heavily dependent on recruitment efforts. Affiliates are encouraged to build large networks of recruits who, in turn, recruit others. The idea is that as the network grows, so does the income potential for all participants.

Our Offering

White label Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development Solutions

We offer white label blockchain based MLM software development solutions to support organizations in launching Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON MLM software today as multi-level marketing slowly migrates to digital platforms.

Our entirely decentralized white label MLM software solutions, which are supported by the Ethereum and TRON blockchains, allow for greater transparency, effectiveness, and security. Our Ethereum and TRON smart contract MLM software, which is strengthened by an immutable smart contract, enables automated transactions to directly transfer users’ funds into their wallets with the least amount of latency and tamper-proof calculations of the money earned by MLM platform users.

Advantage of Cryptocurrency MLM Software

Member Management

It’s critical to skillfully manage each member when running an MLM firm. You can easily use the software thanks to its numerous cutting-edge features and functions.

User-Friendly Dashboard

With the aid of an intuitive dashboard, you are able to manage each and every operating section and take on any challenges that arise.

Multiple Payment/Withdrawal

Having access to a variety of payment gateways is a huge advantage that attracts customers to your platform and aids in the rapid expansion of your network.

SMS Notification

When you’ve delegated work to someone else, receiving an SMS notice keeps you informed about every transaction that occurs in your company.

Mobile Responsive

Making your MLM software mobile-friendly is a terrific idea that we make practical because the majority of us prefer to access services and products through our phones.

Multi Currency Wallet

A multi Currency wallet is a far better option than a standard cryptocurrency wallet since it gives you superior functionality and control in every area and enables you to respond quickly.

Open Source Technology

We incorporate this solution into the program and make it faultless. By using open source technology, you expose your company to significant prospects and reduce dangers as well.

Fast, Secure, Reliable

When working with money or a valued good or service, you require software that is quick, safe, and dependable. Our software enables you to seamlessly access all of these features.

24×7 Support

No matter how excellent the program is, technical help is required initially and on occasion, and our team ensures that you never feel clueless, even if you have a simple question.

Types of Smart Contract Based MLM Development Services offered by Crypto Soft India

Smart Contract Based MLM Software On Ethereum

The Ethreum would help to make the entire MLM system stronger. It would also make it easier for you to enjoy the best functionality and security safeguards. It provides a significant degree of versatility when handling various properties.

Smart Contract Based MLM Software On Tron

You will benefit from the efficiency and scalability that the development of this mechanism on Tron will bring to your company. You will obtain a more effective and productive structure as a result, which will guarantee ongoing advancement.

Smart Contract-Based MLM Software on Binance Smart Chain

You would be able to create this solution more effectively for each person associated with your company with the aid of the Binance Smart Chain. Using various features and tools, you can innovate with this.

Smart Contract-Based MLM Software On SOL

Use the smart contracts created on SOL if you want to grow your user base quickly. With the help of the Solona-based Smart Contract MLM Development, you will have the chance to win the users’ increased trust.

Smart Contract-Based MLM Software On Matic

Smart Contract Based MLM Software on Matic would be the best choice for you if you’re seeking for a highly secure platform that guarantees transparency and is impossible for hackers to hack.

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