Creating a level plan MLM software with an auto payout system involves structuring a compensation plan that rewards members based on levels within their downline network.

Developing such a system often involves using programming languages (like PHP, Python, or Java), databases (such as MySQL or MongoDB), and possibly leveraging frameworks or libraries that facilitate network structure and automated calculations.

It’s important to continuously iterate and refine the system based on user feedback, market changes, and evolving regulatory requirements within the MLM industry.

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Automatic MLM Payment Gateway

A computer tool called an Automatic MLM Payment Gateway makes it easier to track and distribute revenues and commissions in multi-level marketing (MLM) structures. We connected Customized Network Marketing Software with nearly all of the most well-liked and often utilized secure payment gateway integration choices. These comprise Paypal, e-pin, e-wallet,, ePDQ-Barclaycard, credit card operations, and we are prepared to integrate with any additional advance payment channels that satisfy our requirements.

With network marketing, handling payments and commissions can be a difficult undertaking because of its multi-tiered structure. This is made simpler by MLM payment channels, which guarantee that members are paid promptly and accurately. Here’s a brief, six-step breakdown of how an automatic MLM payment gateway operates:

Step 1: Member Registration

MLM participants join the network by registering and receiving a unique ID. This ID is used to track their performance and earnings.

Step 2: Product Sales and Recruitment

Members sell products or services and recruit new members. The MLM payment gateway records these activities.

Step 3: Transaction Tracking

The gateway continually monitors and records financial transactions.

Step 4: Commission Calculation

Using predefined compensation plans, the gateway calculates commissions and bonuses.

Step 5: Payout Processing

The gateway automates the distribution of earnings, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Step 6: Security and Support

Security measures protect transactions, and customer support assists with payment-related issues.

What is Level Plan MLM Software?

We are the greatest MLM software accessible since Cryptosoft India is a top Level MLM software development firm that provides a complete all-in-one solution to manage all part of your Level plan MLM network. Exceptional MLM software experts created the Level plan program, which includes automated capabilities for lead generation, distributor management, customer acquisition, inventory control, and training.

The bonuses in the Level MLM Plan are generally structured as follows.

Sponsor bonus

The payment that distributors or sponsors receive for bringing new members into the level plan multilevel marketing network is known as the introducer bonus or sponsor bonus. This bonus will start to accrue as soon as the new member is recruited.

Level Commissions

In a Level MLM scheme, level commissions are the benefits received by upline members upon placing a recruit on their downline. Depending on the precise MLM compensation plan and compensation structure that the company uses, there are different upline levels at which this commission might be received.

Our Level MLM Software Can Help You In Many Ways…

  • Effective Lead generation
  • Advanced E-commerce solutions
  • Seamless Distributor On boarding
  • Get data Backed insights
  • Easy to Use UI
  • Hassle-free Transactions
  • Simplify the Training process
  • Address Concerns instantly
  • Build a Strong Team

Customized back-office features

  • Payout flexibility
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Configure compensations
  • General Settings
  • Multi-currency support
  • Ticket System / Support System
  • E-pin settings
  • Matrix Tree Settings

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